About AJ&K CBR

AJ&K Central Board of Revenue

No. S&GAD/IRD/A-29(14)2020: In pursuance of Section 3(1) read with sub section 2(a) of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Central Board of Revenue Act, 2020, the President Azad Jammu & Kashmir has been pleased to constitute the Central Board of Revenue consisting of the following:

  1.  Mr. Farhat Ali Mir, Additional Chief Secretary (Gen)         Chairman
  2. Senior Member Board of Revenue                                      Member
  3. Seretary Inland Revenue                                                       Member
  4. Secretary Finance                                                                 Member
  5. Secretary Law                                                                        Member
  6. Commissioner Inland Revenue (Direct Taxes)                   Member
  7. Secreatry Board to be appointed by the Board                  Member/Secreatary

2.  The President has further been pleased to appoint/designate Mr. Farhat Ali Mir as Chairman Central Board of Revenue w.e.f 20th May, 2020.